Perfume Oils

Add a natural scent to your day by rubbing a drop of your favorite Sunshine Spa Perfume oil onto your skin and enjoying its mood enhancing, aromatic qualities. Whether you’re a lover of fresh and clean, floral, fruity or exotic, with 16 different fragrances it’s easy to find the perfect fragrance oil for you!

Arabian Musk –  0.25oz.

A slightly sweeter version of our original musk. Arabian Musk has a higher note accented by a touch of vanilla. Great for Men.

Cucumber Melon – 0.25oz.

Clean and Fresh with equal notes of fresh cucumber and sweet notes of juicy melon. Perfect to raise your spirits.

Gardenia – 0.25oz.

Beautifully balanced floral scent of high and low notes with a touch of honey. This flower is sure to attract both the bids and the bees.

Honeysuckle – 0.25oz.

The sweet flower bonds you with past love and fond memories.

Jasmine – 0.25oz.

The flower of the night, this floral scent is perfect for a sophisticated night out. Simple yet luxurious.

Jasmine Rose – 0.25oz.

The perfect combination for those who love flowers. The sweetness of Jasmine meets the love of rose. A bouquet made for romance.

Lavender – 0.25oz.

Deep tones, rich with color, the scent of Lavender forever will relax the body, mind and spirit. Relax and rejoice.

Mango – 0.25oz.

A Sweet Succulent Mango tree ripe and bursting with flavor. The feel good fragrance of a new generation.

Musk – 0.25oz.

Our traditional Musk has a strong earthy note. Perfect for the man looking for a grounding scent that everyone will like.

Omar – 0.25oz.

For those who like a little spice in their life Omar is the scent for you. Sweet and spicy with a touch of floral, Omar has it all.

Patchouli – 0.25oz.

Hot, sexy, and earthy there is nothing like Patchouli. Revisit the days of “love not war” when the warm scent of patchouli filled the air.

Rose – 0.25oz.

The flower of love.  Sweet, soft notes like the pedals of the most brilliant Rose, this fragrance speaks of romance and love.

Sensuality – 0.25oz.

Exotic Notes of sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Omar and Vanilla, this sensual power house is the ultimate blend to ignite the fire of passion.

Tangerine – 0.25oz.

Sweet citrus come alive in this wonderfully crisp and rejuvenating fragrance. Sooth the soul, refresh the body and awaken the mind.

Vanilla – 0.25oz.

Always a sweet sensual favorite. Vanilla is a scent that rich and smells almost good enough to eat.

Woodspice – 0.25oz.

Clean and spicy with notes of pin. Woodspice gives you that clean, uplifting read for the day feeling. Perfect for men.