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All-Natural Skincare Products
from Riverside, California

Your body will bask in the glow of our healthy oils and scrubs. Pamper yourself with all-natural skincare products from Sunshine Spa in Riverside, California.

Reveal Your Most Radiant Self
Sunshine gives us warmth. It lights our way. It gives us life and nurtures us. With this inspiration of nature, we have created the Sunshine Spa line of natural skin care and hair care products. These pure and simple formulas are designed to work in harmony with nature and not against it.

Give your body the fresh and natural pampering it deserves, and experience the luxury and experience the luxury of our entirely natural bath and body products. They are 100% vegan, cruelty-free tested and contain no parabens, propylene glycol or sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates.

Family-Owned-and-Operated for 25 years
We are female entrepreneurs who believe in catering to the spiritual and holistic you. A portion of our proceeds goes to underprivileged persons who are interested in eastern philosophy, yoga and meditation.

Contact us about our refreshing healthcare products  |  Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 10am – 5pm